What is Heartset?

Heartset is about understanding and acting upon what is in your heart and soul. It will drive you to succeed and take you in the direction of your true heart’s desires.

It is time to stop using the left side / logical side of your brain so much and start to use your right side of the brain which is connected to your instincts, inner voice, gut feelings etc. It is where you connect to your heart and spiritual inner self as well. Sometimes success defies logical thinking….. follow your heart and you will have the success you’ve dreamed of having.

Now that might sound a bit “airy fairy” but you know on a deeper level that it is right, don’t you? Think about what you’ve heard in the past or maybe even said… there was no stopping her once she had her heart set on it… or i really had my heart set on getting that car..

No matter what it is that you are thinking, your success is just not happening for you as you think it should. We’re here to tell you that whatever is in your belief system will be your reality, you will succeed or fail because of your belief systems, so what we are saying is that your success ultimately rest on your shoulders.

I know this is something you probably hate to hear. Especially if life isn’t going the way you want to. If it isn’t going the way you want it to use the techniques of the heartset and get it going the direction you want it to!


Start to take FULL responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions and the universal source energy around you will follow your lead and provide opportunities and situations to help you out. The heart has 5000 times more vibrational energy than the mind and the energy from the heart can be felt up to 10ft away. What that means is if you are in a group of people … no matter who they are in relation to you or what you are actually saying…… they can feel from your heart to theirs exactly what your beliefs are. You could be saying “I believe I will succeed” but if deep down your heart says differently that is what subconsciously everyone around you will pick up.

ThinkPositive Coaching are the best at getting your heart working in your favour.When living life by heartset you will not have fear. You will have the courage to do what it is you want to do. Nothing will stop you when you put your heart in it and that’s what we are here to help you do. We know you can do it, and its time you learnt you can do it!

Visit us at www.ThinkPositiveCoaching.com to see what heartset can do for you.

Now you know what Heartset is about, learn how to use it today


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